Everybody who would like to train with us more than twice should become a member. Members get a martial arts insurance and it costs kr 213,- for a year. We arrange it for you.


The two first capoeira trainings are for free! After that the prices are:

  • Single training: kr 80,-
  • Ordinary training fee (adults 19 years +): kr 400,- per month (NB: new price from May 2022)
  • Unemployed and students (adults 19 years +): kr 263,- per month
  • Youth (until 19 years): kr 198,- per month

Let us know if have special needs.

Invoices are sent by mail and have a specific deadline for payment. Please use the KID and exact amount when making the payment. All members have the opportunity to pay by autogiro (recommended).

When a member does not want to train anymore report it in writing with one month’s notice to, and the payments will be stopped. Important: By convention the resignation takes effect one month after the 1st in the upcoming month.


We usually host 3-days long workshops.
The prices for workshops and other events are as follows, if we don’t state otherwise.

non members members children and youth
Friday 300 NOK 250 NOK 100 NOK
Saturday 300 NOK 250 NOK 100 NOK
Sunday 300 NOK 250 NOK 100 NOK
all 3 days 700 NOK 700 NOK 250 NOK

All event details are published on event’s FB page (you will find our events here) and on our webpage under Events.

You can pay in cash, by online transaction to account 1503.22.10950 (Foreningen Capoeira Angola Oslo) or via Vipps to number 564984.

Account information if you pay from abroad:
Name: Foreningen Capoeira Angola Oslo
Account number: 1503.22.10950
Bank: DnB NOR Bank ASA


The organization is run by volunteers. Thanks to the training fee, dedicated members and the steering board our group has grown and we are able to provide regular trainings and meeting place. The fact that we all have contributed together has made it possible to bring excellent trainers and capoeira professionals such as Mestre Dirceu de Angola, and before that Mestre Roberval, Mestre Marcelo Angola, Contra Mestre Bicicleta, Mestre Pezao, Contra Mestre Pernalonga, Professor Kenneth, Contra Mestre Guaxini and Contra Mestre Marivan. In addition it has funded purchase of common instruments, CDs, t-shirts, percussion instruments and courses.

You are welcome to contact us here: