Welcome to Grupo Capoeira Angola Liberdade de Vadiar Oslo!

Coming soon: WORKSHOP WITH CM PABLO 21-24 February 2019
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The trainings in GCALV Oslo combine Brazilian martial art with elements of dance, acrobatics and music. Come and train Capoeira Angola in Oslo with us – we have free trials!

Read more about capoeira, check out our training schedules and trainers, and get updated information about our events and activites. If you would like to pass by to have a free trial or have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or come just to have a look. We are located at Hausmania at Hausmannsgate 34 in Oslo – see map to the training space.


Workshop for GCALV family and friends in Paris in January 2019 organized by Contramestre Pablo. Great weekend full of trainings, rodas and samba.


GCALV joined an event organized in December 2018 by Grupo de Capoeira Angola Dendê de Maré Barcelona and Mestre Pezão.
Mestre Roberval (GCAMQFSM) and Mestre Dirceu (GCALV) also took part as well as CM Pablo (GCALV), CM Laia (GCADDM), CM Perninha (GCAMQFSM), CM Omar (GCADDM), CM Sam (GCFDA) and many others. Thank you for the great weekend!


GCALV family and friends at Encontro de Capoeira Angola in Sevilla, October 2018. We trained with Mestre Dirceu de Angola, Mestre Celio, Mestre Pedrinho and Mestre Pezão.