Workshop with Treinel Pablo (10-15 April)

Welcome to our second workshop in 2018, this time with the amazing Treinel Pablo from GCALV Paris-Ivry! Pablo is going to stay with us the whole week from 10 to 15 April.

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday (10-13.4)
18.00-20.00 – regular training and making instruments

Friday (14.4.)
19.00 – Open Roda

Saturday & Sunday (15-16.4.)
11.00 – Movements of Capoeira Angola
13.00 – Vegetarian lunch and siesta
14.00 – Movements of Capoeira Angola
18.00 – Roda

Drop in (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday): 100nok
One day (Saturday/Sunday): 300nok
Full days: 550nok
*500nok for Members of GCALV

Follow our FB event page for updates. You can also contact us on FB or via email

We are looking forward!