Capoeira Angola Oslo’s 5th Anniversary

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Since 2010 we created a new tradition: Celebrating our aniversary by inviting leaders and capoeiristas from all over the Nordic Countries. This year we would like to once again invite you all to celebrate our fourth anniversary Friday to Sunday, August 29-31. Welcome!


Trenel Pablo – Liberdade de Vadiar – Paris (FR)
Professor Palmeira – Grupo Uniao Na Capoeira – Oslo (NO)

Trenel. Kim – Irmaos Guerreiros – Oslo (NO)
Prof. Steve & cia – Menino Quem Foi seu Mestre – Stockholm (SE)
Prof. Peter – Capoeira Angola Karlstad – Karlstad (SE)
Prof. Tapani – Federacao Internacional de Capoeira Angola – Helsinki (FI)

capoeira sas


Trenel Onca – i – Federacao Internacional de Capoeira Angola – Stocholm (SE)
Trenel Sara Meninos De Angola Firenzea – Filhos de Angola – Stockholm (SE)
Trenel Charmoso – Angoleiros do Mar – Stockholm (SE)
Prof. Mads – Capoeira Angola Aarhus – Aarhus (SE)
Prof. Canelao – Angoleiros do Sertao – Helsinki (FI)
Prof. Marcelo – København – (DK)