GCALV Oslo held open roda at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, May 2019.


GCALV Oslo at community festival Løkkadagene in May 2019 in Oslo.


Workshop for GCALV family and friends in Paris in January 2019 organized by Contramestre Pablo. Great weekend full of trainings, rodas and samba.


GCALV joined an event organized in December 2018 by Grupo de Capoeira Angola Dendê de Maré Barcelona and Mestre Pezão.
Mestre Roberval (GCAMQFSM) and Mestre Dirceu (GCALV) also took part as well as CM Pablo (GCALV), CM Laia (GCADDM), CM Perninha (GCAMQFSM), CM Omar (GCADDM), CM Sam (GCFDA) and many others. Thank you for the great weekend!


Workshop with Mestre Celio Gomez in Oslo, October 2018.


GCALV family and friends at Encontro de Capoeira Angola in Sevilla, October 2018. We trained with Mestre Dirceu de Angola, Mestre Celio, Mestre Pedrinho and Mestre Pezão.