GCALV Oslo is a non-profit organization aiming to create a social space where people of all kind can learn and enjoy Capoeira Angola through music, dance and fight.

Celebration of the 1st anniversary of the group CAO, August 2010

The Association Capoeira Angola Oslo was established in Oslo, February 2009 by Sigurd Ringerreide and Lisa Elstad, and later on Tengil Kryhlman, Micah Schaer, Delphine Sauvanet, Teresa Raber og Kenneth Fernando Sværen. Since the start, we have had several workshops and events, amongst them with Mestre Roberval (GCAFA), Contra Mestre Pernalonga (GCAIG), professor Kenneth (GCAIG), professor Guaxini (GCAM), professor Marivan (GCAC), Trenel Tatu (MQFSM), Trenel Pablo (GCALV) and Mestre Dirceu (GCALV).

Asssociation Capoeira Angola Oslo (CAO) decided in April 2017 to become part of the International Grupo Liberdade De Vadiar and to continue the project of association CAO.

The group GCALV (Grupo Capoeira Angola Liberdade de Vadiar) was founded in the Brazilian cities of Recife and Rio de Janeiro by Mestre Dirceu de Angola. Originally from Rio, Mestre Dirceu was a student of Mestre Manoel, Mestre Angolinha and the lineage of G.C.A.P of Mestre Moraes.

At present the Group of Capoeira Angola Liberdade de Vadiar consists of headquarters in Madrid and groups in Montpellier, Toulouse, Paris and Oslo.

In June 2019 GCALV Oslo started to cooperate with X-Ray Ungdomskulturhus (youth community center). X-Ray was started by the local city council back in 1994 and since then it has been providing young people with a safe place to develop their creative interests through various activities. The young people at X-Ray are engaged in dance, music, theatre, video, radio, digital technology and sports. At X-Ray they also get the chance to be in charge and run the community center with their own rules.  From June 2019 we are holding our Tuesday trainings at X-Ray at Maridalsveien 3, and we are happy to be part of the thriving young environment.

You can find more information about X-Ray Ungdomskulturhus at their webpage or their Facebook page.