Workshop Mestre Roberval

December 14-16  Capoeira Angola Oslo is organising a Christmas workshop with one of the most reknowned masters of capoeira angola: Mestre Roberval – founder of Menino Quem Foi Seu Mestre.


Mestre Roberval (Menino quem foi seu Mestre) was the first master who visited Capoeira Angola Oslo, shortly after its inception in June 2009. He is considered one of the greatest masters in Capoeira Angola. Roberval do Espirito Santo was born 1964 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, and began practicing Capoeira Angola for 14 years of age. Together with Laércio he founded the group Filhos de Angola is one of the largest capoeira angola groups in Europe. In 2011 he established his own group – Menino quem foi seu Mestre – with bases in London and Brighton, England, and Stockholm in Sweden ( He currently lives in Salvador, Brazil.

Mestre Roberval and his students’ style is characterized by a playful and smart game, with emphasis on “classe e estilo” (“class and style”). Mestre Roberval is especially known for his music teaching, with rigorous training in technique and berimbauplaying, continuing the musical tradition of capoeira angola, symbolism and messages that are sent through music. Mestre Roberval has direct links to Mestre Pastinha and was involved in the dawning capoeira angola movement with Mestre Moraes, Mestre Curio, Mestre Cobra Mansa to name a few.

The whole weekend 500 NOK
One day 300 NOK

The money may be transfered to  Capoeira Angola Klubb in the account 1503.22.10950.

If you pay from abroad following account information:

Name: Capoeira Angola Klubb
Account number: 1503.22.10950
Bank: DnB NOR Bank ASA
Address: c / o Teresa Raber, Hans Barli gate 1b, 0508 Oslo, NORWAY


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