Workshop with Mestre Dirceu de Angola. April 25-26th


The weekend April 25th to 26th, Mestre Dirceu de Angola founder of the Group Capoeira Angola Liberdade de Vadiar (GCALV) is coming to Oslo for the very first time.  

We would like to invite youto a workshop with this renowned Mestre. 

About Mestre Dirceu De Angola


The Group of Capoeira Angola Liberdade de Vadiar (GCALV) was established in Rio de Janeiro in 1999 by Contra Mestre Dirceu and Kiki. Originally from Rio, CM Dirceu was trained within the Group of Capoeira Angola Pelourinho (GCAP) since the early 1980s and until the creation of his group in 1999. He was a student of Mestre Manoel, who was himself a student of Mestre Angolinha (from the lineage of Mestre Moraes, Mestre João Grande and Mestre Pastinha).

At the end of 2003, CM Dirceu moved to Madrid in order to develop his group. Since then, other capoeira angola associations were created or affiliated to Liberdade de Vadiar : Capoeira Tolosa (GCALV Toulouse) in 2006, GCALV Seville in 2009 and Capoeira To Blo Dayi (GCALV Paris-Ivry) in 2012.

Since 2013, Mestre Dirceu lives between Toulouse and Madrid, he teaches to the groups there in the everyday life and frequently visits the others cities of the group. In addition, many exchanges take place between the students of these cities.

Capo 3

In Paris, the group was founded in 2001 in Vitry-sur-Seine (surroundings of Paris) by Nicolas Giraud and was affiliated to the Grupo de Capoeira Angola Ypiranga de Pastinha for 10 years. In October 2011, former members decided to create the association « Capoeira To Blo Dayi ». Since December 2012, the association is affiliated to the Grupo de Capoeira Angola Liberdade de Vadiar.