Workshop with Mestre Marcelo Angola

Mestre Marcelo Angola (1)

Mestre Marcelo Angola (2)

The weekend April 26 to 28  Mestre Marcelo Angola, founder of the capoeira group Angoleiros do Mar is coming to Oslo for the very first time! We would therefore like to invite you to a three-day workshop with this renowned Master.

For information on how to get to the workshop call Kristina at (0047) 48 17 70 40!

Mestre Marcelo Angola founded the group Angoleiros do Mar which today has its base in Barra Grande, on the island of Itaparica in Brazil, where he runs his own pousada. Through this group he has helped to shape some of the most knowledgeable and infamous capoeiristaene of our time: Contra Mestre Guaxini, Contra Mestre Fubuia, Xixarro, Catarina and many more. Their capoeira is known to mix of classic jogo de dentro and rugged street style of capoeira – come and learn some of that you too!

He currently has groups in several major cities across the world: Salvador in Brazil, Tokyo in Japan, London in England, Paris in France, Barcelona in Spain, Stockholm in Sweden and Switzerland. Mestre Marcelo Angola has lived several years in England and speaks  English fluently.

Mestre Marcelo Angola was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He started practicing Capoeira Angola in August 1985, at Mestre Curio school in Pelourinho, Salvador, Bahia. Pelourinho is considered capoeira angolaens cradle and center. Mestre Marcelo Angola was entitled Trenel (coach) in 1990, Contra-master in 1994, and finally, in 1999, he was recognized as Master.

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